Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki

New Field Moves[]

Morning Sun[]

Morning Sun can be used outside of battle to set the day's time to 9 a.m. in the morning.


Moonlight can be used outside of battle to set the day's time to 9 p.m. at night.

Changed Field Moves[]

Rock Smash[]

Rock Smash allows the player to break breakable rocks, with there being different drops of what you can find when you break the rocks. Fossils start appearing as possible drops once the Elite Four is defeated.

Location Rates
Pokemon Items Postgame adds
Mt. Moon 30%/35%/35% Geodude, Nosepass
  • Rock Gem
  • Ground Gem
  • Steel Gem
  • Hard Stone
  • Smooth Rock
  • Stardust
  • Heart Scale
  • Soft Sand
  • Rare Bone
  • Helix Fossil
  • Dome Fossil
  • Root Fossil
  • Claw Fossil
  • Skull Fossil
  • Armor Fossil
  • Jaw Fossil
  • Sail Fossil
Route 24 Geodude
Route 6
Vermillion City
Route 10
Route 12
Crimson City
Route 32
Ruins of Alph
Route 14
Safari Zone Area 5
Route 3
Kindle Road
Mt. Silver
Rock Tunnel 35%/32.5%/32.5% Geodude, Graveler, Shuckle

Previous Stuff +

  • Ether
  • Revive
  • Nugget
  • Diamond
Treasure Beach 25%/15%/60% Geodude
  • Water Gem
  • Steel Gem
  • Rock Gem
  • Heart Scale
  • Hard Stone
  • Smooth Rock
  • Water Stone
  • Pearl
  • Shoal Shell
  • Big Pearl
Fossils not added to Treasure Beach

Modern Mode would have different Pokemon encounters with Rock Smash. See Modern Mode

Requirement: Zero Badge
Replacement: Pickaxe


When used outside of battle, instead of just the last Pokecenter, Teleport lets the player fast-travel to any previously visited Pokemon Center.

Requirement: Three Badges
Replacement: Teleporter

Rock Climb[]

When used outside of battle, instead of just going up rocky walls, Rock Climb lets the player climb up any ledges that can normally only be jumped down.

Requirement: Sixteen Badges
Replacement: Climbing Gear

Field Moves[]


Allows the player to escape from caves instantly.

Requirement: None
Replacement: Escape Ropes


Allows the player to cut down small trees blocking their path.

Requirement: One Badge
Replacement: Shears


Allows the player to illuminate dark caves, making them navigable.

Requirement: One Badge
Replacement: Lanturn


Allows the player to fast-travel to any Pokemon Center they have previously visited.

Requirement: Three Badges
Replacement: Teleporter


Allows the player to move large boulders to clear a path.

Requirement: Five Badges
Replacement: Dolly


Allows the player to travel across bodies of water.

Requirement: Six Badges
Replacement: Surfboard


Allows the player to scale waterfalls, granting access to new areas.

Requirement: Eight Badges
Replacement: Jetpack


Allows the player to dive underwater in specific locations.

Requirement: Nine Badges
Replacement: Scuba Gear

*HM09 - Bounce was removed and just obtained through the Golbat Boots