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There are currently 31 legendaries that can be caught in Pokémon Infinite Fusion. Excluding the Kanto legendary birds, Entei, Mew, Jirachi, and Meloetta these Pokémon can only be obtained during the post-game (outside of Randomized Mode).

This page details the methods to obtain them.

Warning: This page contains spoilers about the main story.

Respawning Legendaries[]

Legendary Pokémon will disappear if defeated, caught or the player runs away. There are two ways to cause certain legendaries to respawn:

Defeating the Pokemon Champion[]

The following legendaries will reappear after defeating the Pokémon Champion for a second and all subsequent times, until caught:

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Ho-gia (Ho-oh/Lugia fusion) *
  • Mewtwo
  • Kyogre
  • Groudon
  • Regigigas
  • Genesect
  • Rayquaza
  • Kyurem
  • Reshirom
  • Rotom
  • Dialga
  • Palkia
  • Giratina
  • Necrozma
  • Regi (Ice/Steel)
  • Regi (Rock/Ice)
  • Regi (Steel/Rock)
  • Mew
  • Cresselia
  • Darkrai

Clearing Mt. Silver[]

Certain legendaries will reappear after defeating Gold on Mt. Silver for the first time, regardless of whether they had previously been caught or defeated.

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Raicune
  • Entei
  • Ho-oh/Lugia*
  • Mewtwo
  • Celebi
  • Mew
  • Darkrai
  • Cresselia

*requires both defeating the Pokemon Champion and Gold.

-Note: Any legendaries not listed above will not respawn once defeated; the player must start a new game or use Wonder Trade or the Celadon City Black Market in order to obtain them-

Obtainable Legendaries[]


Location Seafoam Island (Route 20)
HM Needed Surf
Level 50

During the Team Rocket event in Cinnabar Island, after beating Giovanni and the fused birds, once you go out of the main entrance of Mt. Ember, you will meet the professor, the sailor and your rival. The professor will hand you the Ice Pick, which you can use to climb the ice wall in seafoam island to reach Articuno.


Location Power Plant
HM Needed None
Level 50

During the Team Rocket event in Cinnabar Island, after beating Giovanni and the fused birds, once you go out of the main entrance of Mt. Ember, you will meet the professor, the sailor and your rival. The professor will hand you the Power Plant Key, which can use used to unlock the doors in the power plant north of rock tunnel to reach Zapdos.


Location Mt. Ember
HM Needed Surf, Strength
Level 50

During the Team Rocket event in Cinnabar Island, after beating Giovanni and the fused birds, Moltres will return to its original spot. After getting a message saying that it's looking at you intensely, it can be challenged to a battle any time.


Location Cerulean Cave
HM Needed Surf, Flash
Level 60

After beating the game, Professor Oak will ask you to go talk to his colleague, Professor Elm in New Bark Town. If you have obtained at least 2 Johto badges, Professor Elm will give you HM05 Waterfall, which allows you to enter Cerulean Cave. Mewtwo is found at the very end.


Location Mt. Moon Summit
HM Needed Strength (Positive karma)
Level 30

If the player has at least 20 Karma and has found all 8 Constellations. Mew can be encountered by using the telescope in the Mt. Moon observatory and moving the center dot to collide with the Mew that spawns. if you don't see Mew, but hear its cry, that means you need more Positive Karma.


Location Victory Road
HM Needed Strength
Level 45

Entei can be encountered on the second floor of Victory Road. If it is defeated, it will start roaming around the Johto region. When roaming, it can be tracked using the Weather Tracker obtained at the Ruins of Alph; it will cause sunny weather at its current location.

Raikou / Suicune[]

Location Roaming (Johto)
HM Needed None
Level 50

Raikou and Suicune are fused together as Raicune when you encounter them. 

When you enter Violet City, you will encounter Eusine, who says he has been tracking a legendary Pokémon. Follow him to the Ruins of Alph go down the basement of chamber A to find Raicune at the end. It will flee and start roaming around Johto. You can speak to a scientist in the ruins of Alph to obtain a Weather Tracker to track it more easily; it will cause a storm at its current location.

Ho-Oh / Lugia[]

Location Navel Rock
HM Needed Surf, Waterfall
Level 60

Lugia and Ho-Oh are fused together as Ho-Gia when you encounter them.

On Boon Island, one of the residents tells you about Navel Rock. After speaking to him, go north to find Chuck. Defeat him and he will give you the Navel Ticket. Then show the pass to the sailor in the harbor and he will agree to take you to Navel Rock. Climb to the top to encounter Ho-Gia.


Location Ilex Forest
HM Needed None
Level 30

After completing 40 hotel quests, the man on the top floor of hotels will give you the GS Ball. Place it in the shrine in Ilex Forest to encounter Celebi.


Location Mt. Ember
HM Needed Surf
Level 60

Climb up Mt. Ember and enter the Ruby Chamber. A NPC will give you some heat-protection cream in exchange for a Fire Gem, allowing you to explore deeper in the cave. Find the Ruby in one of the deeper parts of the volcano and Groudon will appear in another part, at the very bottom.


Location Deep Ocean (Sevii Islands)
HM Needed Surf, Dive, Flash
Level 60

Go to the Deep Ocean, South of Brine Road and use Dive on the diving spot. You can dive deeper by going down the crevice in the middle. You need to go to the end of the underwater area to find the Sapphire. Once you have the Sapphire, find the Sapphire Cave, around the middle of the underwater area, to the right, and enter. You will find Kyogre in the middle of the room.


Location Sky Pillar
HM Needed None (Bicycle needed)
Level 70
Requirement Encounter Kyogre and Groudon

Once you have encountered both Groudon and Kyogre, talk to one of the residents on Kin Island. Follow him to the harbor and he will take you to Sky Pillar. Use the bicycle to navigate to the top of the tower and encounter Rayquaza.


Location Water Labyrinth
HM Needed Surf, Dive, Strength
Level 60

Starting from Chrono Island, make your way through the Water Labyrinth to the diving spot in the middle. Use Dive to get underwater. While you were underwater, you will find a temple the entrance is blocked by rocks, so you go east and get through the a hole. You will need to use Strength to push the boulders. While you push the boulder, you will get chased by a sharpedo. If you get caught you will be kicked outside. To avoid it, you need to get to the hole on the wall. on the first hole you will get an item. On the second hole, you don't want to go too far because there is a sharpedo in the end of the room. On the third hole there is nothing. On the fourth hole you will get into the Submerged temple.

You can get a Regi plate on the west hole. The regi tablet is used to translate the carved wall in the submerged temple. In the temple, there is three doors. Each door can only be opened by a Steel/Rock, Rock/ice, and Ice/steel pokemon. Each door will lead you to sealed chamber, you will need to solve the puzzle on each sealed chamber get regirock, registeel, regice. You will need to encounter all of them to open a hole that leads to regigigas.

Dialga / Palkia / Giratina[]

Location Sinjoh Ruins / Boon Island

Blackthorn City / Route 4

HM Needed None / Rock Climb
Level 1 / 75
Requirement Have Arceus in your party

After catching Arceus, go back to see Mr. Pokémon on Route 30 with Arceus in your party. He will take you to the Sinjoh Ruins. Talk to Cynthia and go to enter the ruins. This will trigger a cutscene after which you will receive 3 eggs. The eggs contain Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. With this method you can hatch the eggs and obtain the three legendaries at lvl 1.

Note: as of version 5.2.1 you now encounter this as triple fusion at the top of Mt. Silver, you'll need to have collected all the Johto gym badges and then talk to Professor Oak. You'll also need a pokémon that can learn the HM Rock Climb.

As of version 5.3, the triple fusion is no longer catchable at Mt. Silver. Instead, after this encounter you can find three "Strange Vortex" that lead to the legendaries, but at level 75. Palkia is in Blackthorn City near the cave where you first came out to reach the city. Dialga is on Boon Island at the highest mountain. Giratina is on Route 4 near the exit of Mt. Moon where the side of the mountain has a different texture.


Location Lavender Town/Halfmoon Island/Moonlit Forest/Fullmoon Island/Newmoon Island
HM Needed None (Negative Karma)
Level 60

Going to the Lavender Orphanage (Southeasternmost house of Lavender Town) when the player has low Karma (-1 or less) makes a feather appear on the bed. Interacting with the feather triggers a cutscene where a voice tells you to collect feathers, which only appear at night.

During nighttime, shadowy figures will appear, and interacting with them gives hints to the location of the next feather. The first feather is in the northernmost house in Vermillion City, east of the Pokemon Center. The second feather is up the stairs of the daycare south of Cerulean City. The third feather is located in the hotel of Fuschia City. The fourth feather is located north of Crimson City, in the house on an island. Finally, the fifth feather is located back in the Lavender Orphanage, collecting it will lower the player's Karma by 5 and plays another cutscene where the player wakes up in Halfmoon Island.

Cresselia and Darkrai will appear, splitting paths. North of Halfmoon Island is Moonlit Forest, where water in the shape of a cresent moon is located. Walking on the water will make it disappear/reappear.

Making all the water disappear, resembling a new moon, and leaving the forest will take the player to Newmoon Island, where Darkrai and a bed is located. Interacting with Darkrai gives a Corrupted Feather, which Darkrai tells them to place on the bed in Fullmoon Island.

To reach Fullmoon Island, the player must go back into Moonlit Forest and filling the circle with water, resembling a full moon, and leaving the forest will take them to Fullmoon Island where Cresselia and another bed is located. Interacting with Cresselia gives a Lunar Feather, which Cresselia tells the player to place on the bed in Newmoon Island.

Placing the Lunar Feather on the bed in Newmoon Island resets the players's Karma, and takes them to a dreamish version of Moonlit Forest, where many Mareep and Flaaffy are located. To the east is a Drowzee, who asks the player how many Mareep there are, and afterwards asks how many Flaaffy there are (watch out for the shiny Mareep who are the same colour as the Flaaffy). After completing the minigame, the player wakes up on Newmoon Island, now with less corruption, where Cresselia will join their party, and Darkrai can be battled and caught.

Placing the Corrupted Feather on the bed in Fullmoon Island lowers the player's Karma by -20, and takes them to a nightmarish version of Moonlit Forest. South is a patch of water, where walking into it will turn the player into a magikarp. Pressing Space/X will make the player jump forwards 1 tile, and holding Space/X until a spark appears and pressing Space/X again makes them jump forwards 2 tiles. The aim is to complete the course before a shadowy Pinsir catches up to the player. After completing the minigame, the player wakes up on Fullmoon Island, now more corrupted, where Darkrai will join their party, and Cresselia can be battled and caught.

Once either path has been completed, return to the original bed. This will take you back to the Lavender Orphanage.


Location Hall of Origin
HM Needed None
Level 60
Requirement Catch the three legendary birds and the three legendary beasts

After catching Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou and Suicune, go to the Ruins of Alph and talk to Eusine. After that go to Eusine’s house in Cherrygrove city and let his ditto's copy the 6 legendary Pokémon. He will give you the Azure Flute. Go to Mr. Pokémon on Route 30 and talk to him, afterwards go to the Ice Mountains, north of Blackthorn City in Johto and find the Ice Cavern. Climb up the stairs until you reach the mountain's peak. Walk into the circle on the ground and use the Azure Flute to reveal a staircase to the Hall of Origin, where you will encounter Arceus.


Location P2 Laboratory
HM Needed None
Level 60

Go to the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island. You will come across two Team Plasma grunts. Follow them to the harbor and the sailor will take you to P2 Laboratory. Once you’re there, enter the building and defeat the three Plasma grunts. Enter the backroom to find a room with a vat in the middle. Interact with it to encounter Genesect.

The various drives needed for Genesect’s signature move are found on the ground in the laboratory.

Reshiram / Zekrom[]

Location Bell Tower
HM Needed None
Level 70

Reshiram and Zekrom are fused together as Reshirom when you encounter them.

Go to the dance hall in Ecruteak City and fight all the Kimono girl, then speak to Alder. He will give you the Light Stone and the Dark Stone. Make your way to the top of the Bell Tower and interact with the bell to encounter Reshirom.


Location Lake of Rage
HM Needed None
Level 70
Requirement Have the Dark and Light stone in your inventory

Go to the dance hall in Ecruteak City and fight all the Kimono girl, then speak to Alder. He will give you the Light Stone and the Dark Stone. after that head over to the Lake of Rage. Interact with the icy stone and the lake will freeze over. Navigate the ice puzzle and make your way to the center of the lake to find Kyurem.

Latias / Latios[]

Location Roaming (Sevii Islands)
HM Needed None
Level 50
Version 4.9+

Enter Boon Island's Pokémon Center and interact with the TV. A report will mention two dragon Pokémon from Hoenn that were sighted in the Sevii Islands. Latias and Latios will both start roaming around the Sevii Islands from that point on. You can use the Weather Tracker obtained in the Ruins of Alph to track their locations; they will cause strong winds at their current location.


Location Birth Island
HM Needed Waterfall, Surf, Dive
Level 70
Version 4.9+

A girl at the Kin Island's hotel mentions that she saw a meteor crash around Bond Bridge and asks you to go investigate. North of the bridge you will find a waterfall. Climb up to find two secret agent type NPCs around a small crater. Talk to them and they will ask you to find the other pieces of an alien spaceship. The first one is located on Route 32 near a ledge. The second one is underwater on Route 19, South of Fuschia. You have to find the dive spot on route 20 and then head east to find it. After finding the two pieces, go back to the secret agent near Bond Bridge and they will use the locations of the pieces to triangulate the location of the mothership. It is located on Birth Island. Ask the sailor in Cinnabar Island's harbour to take you there. Once on Birth Island you will find another spaceship part. Interact with it and it will start floating around. Interact with it twice more and Deoxys will appear.


Location Dream
HM Needed None
Level 20
Requirement Have encountered 777 unique Pokémon (not including legendaries)
Version 4.9+

After having encountered at least 777 Pokémon, go to any hotel and sleep for any amount of time. Instead of ending up on the upper floor of the hotel like usual, you will be teleported to a strange, dream version of Pallet Town. Go inside the lab and speak to Jirachi. After asking you to pick a Pokémon it will challenge you to a fight. No matter the outcome of the fight, you will wake up in your room with Jirachi in your party or PC. The Jirachi you fight will not match the Jirachi you find in your PC, even if you catch it. (So if the Jirachi you fight is Shiny, odds are slim that the one in your PC will be shiny).[1]


Location Mt. Moon
HM Needed Surf, Waterfall, Flash, Cut
Level 70
Version 6.0+

Go to the top of the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town to get the quest for Strange Prisms. Then go to Mt. Moon, Cerulean Cave, Mt. Mortar, and Rock Tunnel to get the Strange Prisms and return them to the pedestals on top of the Pokémon Tower. If all of this is done correctly, light should start getting sucked up and you will have to use TM Flash in order to go back to the base of Pokémon tower. There, talk with Sabrina and agree to meet her at Saffron City, where you should get another Strange Prism. Next, go to Fuchsia City and put the Strange Prism on the pedestal next to Koga, which will cause strange plants to start growing. Follow the plants to the Safari Zone to get the Strange Berry, then go to Pallet Town to have professor Oak analyze it. He will then ask you to go north to find out what is happening. (FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING for the next section of the quest) Go back to Mt. Moon and into the cave where you found the Strange Prism, where there should be intense glowing and another tunnel from that cave will finally lead you to Necrozma.


Location Saffron City
HM Needed Surf, Cut, Rock Smash
Level 50
Version 6.1+

To start the quest, go into the Saffron bar during the day on a Saturday, go downstairs and there will be a concert. Walk into the bathroom and wait (there's a time skipping NPC for convenience) until night (8pm), where you start the quest. Return here after completing each part of the quest below to unlock the next part. After starting the quest you'll find the drummer, North of Crimson City on a small island, return to the Saffron, Then you'll need 2 guitarists; one is in Goldenrod underground on Friday. Give it ₽4000 and then talk to it. The other is in Oricorio Clearing, south of Treasure Beach during Wednesday evenings (5-8pm). After getting the 3 musicians, return to the Saffron, you then should have access to a new area, the Mt. Moon Observatory by going through a southern Mt. Moon entrance on the Cerulean side. When at the Observatory on a Monday morning (5-10am), clouds will appear where you have to parkour to reach the harpist. The last musician you need is found in Ilex Forest on Tuesday night(8-12pm), behind a cut tree on the right. (set your movement to walk and use default speed) Tap (not hold) the up button as you approach to not scare the When you have all 5, return to the band and they'll tell you there's a concert on Saturday night. After attending the concert, Meloetta will appear. Talk to it and it will join your party.

Tip: Get the sleeping bag from doing 20 hotel quests to make getting the specific times and dates easier.


  1. It FInally Happened! We Found Shiny Jirachi! - HalfBreadChaos (Twitch Plays Pokemon Infinite Fusion) Shiny hunted for days to spawn a Shiny Jirachi, only to discover it didn't carry over when they finally caught it.