Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki

The Pokéradar is an item introduced in update 4.8. It originally appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It is the only way to obtain several rare Pokémon in the game.

How to obtain[]

The Pokéradar is obtained from Professor Oak's assistant in Cerulean City's Pokémon Center. After obtaining the Exp. Share from her by using the DNA Splicers 5 times, she will ask you to help her with some field research on Route 24. Go help her and she will hand you the Pokéradar.

How it works[]

The Pokéradar works mostly similar to the official games with the one difference that you need to have encountered every Pokémon in a route to have access to the Pokéradar exclusive encounters. A light will flash green when using it, indicating that there is a chance for exclusive encounters to appear.

As of version 5.0.19, the Pokéradar also shows a list of the Pokémon that are currently available in the area. The list is also displayed when the Pokéradar is used while surfing or in a cave with no additional effects.

How to Chain[]

Chaining has some slight differences compared to other titles, but the same general rules apply: Be in as large of a grass patch as you can, always go the the furthest possible spot you can (radially). You increase the chain by Fainting or Catching the same Pokémon in a row. This needs to be done without breaking the chain, which is a random chance measured by your current chain and how far away the grass patch was from you. Its between 86% (at adjacent tile) and 98% (at 4 tiles radially away) to continue the chain. After you reach chain 40 you cannot break your chain naturally. You can still break it by: Random encounter by not using repel, leaving the grass or not having enough space in the grass to summon a random encounter.

Due to the way Patches generation and Rings work, it is optimal to only ever go into patches in the centre of a 3x3 square. This is due to 4 tiles in a 9x9 square centred on the player are chosen, all at a different distance from the player, 1 in each radial ring. This means that if you go to the edge of a grass patch you have roughly a 50/50 chance to break your chain. So it can be optimal, albeit slow, to make sure you reuse the radar over and over until a specific patch shakes. This is more necessary for patches with small size or awkward shape.

After a chain of 20 your shiny odds cap out at 1/200 (Shiny charm no effect), meaning you can stand still and continue to reactivate the Radar until you see a shiny patch. Any shiny caught this way will have a black star.

List of exclusive Pokémon[]

This is based on version 5.3.1. Some of the encounters might vary if you're playing a different version.

Pokémon Type Level Catch Rate Location
PokeIcon417 Fletchling Normal Flying 2-5 255 Route 1
PokeIcon417 Fletchling Normal Flying 2-5 255 Route 2
PokeIcon400 Budew Grass Poison 4-9 255 Route 3
PokeIcon382 Nincada Bug Ground 8-10 255 Route 4
PokeIcon175 Togepi Fairy 10 190 Route 5
PokeIcon385 Slakoth Normal 12-15 255 Route 6
PokeIcon402 Drifloon Ghost Flying 17-20 125 Route 7
PokeIcon388 Shinx Electric 17-18 235 Route 8
PokeIcon390 Aron Steel Rock 12-15 180 Route 9
PokeIcon397 Klink Steel 14-17 130 Route 10
PokeIcon382 Nincada Bug Ground 12-15 255 Route 11
PokeIcon408 Cottonee Grass Fairy 22-25 190 Route 12
PokeIcon412 Joltik Bug Electric 22-25 190 Route 14
PokeIcon406 Solosis Psychic 22-25 200 Route 15
PokeIcon177 Natu Psychic Flying 22-25 190 Route 16
PokeIcon371 Klefki Steel Fairy 22-25 60 Route 17
PokeIcon413 Ferroseed Grass Steel 22-25 255 Route 18
PokeIcon408 Cottonee Grass Fairy 22-25 190 Route 13
PokeIcon412 Joltik Bug Electric 22-25 190 Route 13
PokeIcon294 Bidoof Normal 2-5 255 Route 22
PokeIcon403 Buneary Normal 12-13 190 Route 24
PokeIcon384 Riolu Fighting 25 75 Route 23
PokeIcon310 Absol Dark 30-35 30 Route 26
PokeIcon310 Absol Dark 30-35 30 Route 27
PokeIcon206 Dunsparce Normal 25-30 190 Route 21
PokeIcon401 Roselia Grass Poison 30 150 Celadon City
PokeIcon395 Bagon Dragon 20 45 Area 1
PokeIcon414 Axew Dragon 20 75 Area 2
PokeIcon375 Deino Dark Dragon 20 45 Area 3
PokeIcon246 Larvitar Rock Ground 20 45 Area 4
PokeIcon291 Beldum Steel Psychic 20 3 Area 5
PokeIcon404 Shroomish Grass 2-5 255 Viridian Forest
PokeIcon355 Breloom Grass Fighting 30 90 Ilex Forest
PokeIcon185 Sudowoodo Rock 25-30 65 Route 36
PokeIcon286 Kirlia Psychic Fairy 25-30 120 Route 34
PokeIcon389 Luxio Electric 40-45 120 Route 33
PokeIcon182 Bellossom Grass 45-50 45 Route 31
PokeIcon383 Bibarel Normal Water 45-50 127 Route 30
PokeIcon294 Bidoof Normal 5 255 Route 29
PokeIcon386 Vigoroth Normal 40-45 120 Route 32
PokeIcon416 Golett Ground Ghost 40-45 190 Ruins of Alph
PokeIcon262 Weavile Dark Ice 50 45 Ice Mountains
PokeIcon235 Smeargle Normal 25-30 45 Route 35
PokeIcon370 Pyukumuku Water 20 60 Treasure Beach
PokeIcon224 Octillery Water 32-45 75 Underwater
PokeIcon356 Ninjask Bug Flying 45-50 120 Boon Island
PokeIcon360 Whimsicott Grass Fairy 32-45 75 Kin Island
PokeIcon290 Kecleon Normal 45-50 200 Chrono Island
PokeIcon418 Fletchinder Fire Flying 32-45 120 Mt. Ember
* Catch Rate influences how difficult a Pokémon is to catch. Higher numbers are easier.