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The game offers some additional content after defeating the Elite 4.

Johto and Sevii Islands regions[]

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Postgame Gyms[]

There are 8 additional badges to collect during the postgame. Obtaining all 8 postgame badges allows the player to enter Mt. Silver.

See also: Gym Leaders

Goldenrod City[]

Leader: Whitney (Normal type)

The Goldenrod gym is accessible as soon as the Elite 4 has been defeated. It is a Normal-type gym. When you head over to Goldenrod you will be approached by Whitney who is looking for new challengers to the Gym. The gym puzzle requires you to count various Pokémon. You will receive the Plain Badge after defeating her.

Azalea Town[]

Leader: Kurt (Bug type)

When first arriving at Azalea town, the player will notice that the town is flooded. You will need to help the townfolks with the situation before being able to challenge the Gym. The gym puzzle is a memory game that requires you to touch spider webs in a specific order. The Gym Leader is Kurt, the Pokéball maker. You will receive the Hive Badge after defeating him.

Violet City[]

Leader: Falkner (Flying type)

The Violet City gym is accessible as soon as you arrive in Violet City. The gym is composed of two sections. In the first section, you have to hold run against the wind and use the obstacles to keep from being blown backwards. In the top section, wind blows you forward two tiles at specific interval. You have to time your movements to avoid being blown off the platform. The Gym Leader is Falkner. You will receive the Zephyr badge after defeating him.

Blackthorn City[]

Leader: Clair (Dragon-type)

The Blackthorn City gym is accessible as soon as you arrive in Blackthorn City. The gym puzzle is similar to the original puzzle in Gold/Silver/Crystal. You have to push boulders down holes to proceed. The leader is Clair. You will receive the Rising badge after defeating her.

Boon Island[]

Leader: Chuck (Fighting-type)

Chuck is found North of Boon Island, under a waterfall instead of in his original city. After talking to him, he will offer you to have a battle on the spot. He awards you the Storm badge for defeating him.

Ecruteak City[]

Leader: Morty (Ghost-type)

To enter Ecruteak's gym, the player must first go find Morty in the Burned Tower. You will need to obtain the Spring Boots from Boon Islands in order to reach him. After talking to him, he will go back to his gym. The gym puzzle is a maze on which you walk on appearing and disappearing skulls. Morty awards you the Fog badge for defeating him.

Mahogany Town[]

Leader: Pryce (Ice-type)

Mahogany's gym is accessible as soon as you arrive in Mahogany Town. The gym is based on a hockey arena and requires you to slide a Pokéball across ice to score a goal. Pryce awards you the Glacier badge for defeating him.

Chrono Island[]

Leader: Jasmine (Steel-type)

Jasmine is found on Chrono Island instead of her original City. She is standing on a beach, South of the Pokémon Center. After talking to her, she will challenge you to have a battle in the nearby meadow. She awards you the Mineral Badge for defeating her.

EDIT: Recent updates have moved Jasmine to Kin Island, where she is first encountered in the berry forest in place of the fisherman. Once the quest is complete she will wait for you on Bond Bridge.

Gold and Mt. Silver[]

After obtaining all 16 badges, talk to Prof. Oak. Cynthia and Blue will invite you to help them solve a spacetime anomaly that is located on Mt. SIlver. Then, the entrance to Mt. Silver becomes unlocked. The entrance is located at the gate on Route 26, just before the Victory Road.

On top of Mt. Silver, the player fights Gold, the protagonist from the Johto games. His team is based on the various gift Pokémon and legendaries from Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Mt. Silver
Infinite Fusion
Rock Bug
Held item:
Rocky Helmet
Sudockle Lv.76
Power Split
Psychic Status
Fighting Physical
Rock Physical
Poison Status
Fairy Dark
Held item:
Togereon Lv.78
Fairy Status
Dark Physical
Fairy Special
Calm Mind
Psychic Status
Dragon Water
Held item:
Lustrous Orb
Dragodos Lv.79
Extreme Speed
Normal Status
Water Physical
Dragon Tail
Dragon Physical
Dragon Special
Water Electric
Held item:
Feralikou Lv.77
Electric Special
Water Pulse
Water Special
Rain Dance
Water Status
Calm Mind
Psychic Status
Fire Water
Held item:
Mystic Water
Tycune Lv.77
Hydro Pump
Water Special
Fire Special
Aurora Beam
Ice Special
Ice Status
Grass Fire
Held item:
Megatei Lv.77
Fire Blast
Fire Special
Solar Beam
Grass Special
Sunny Day
Fire Status
Grass Status

Legendary Pokémon[]

There are 24 legendaries that can be caught in this game. All of them except the Kanto legendary birds can only be obtained during the post-game (excluding randomized mode).

Main article: Legendary Pokémon

Gym Leader Rematches[]

After beating the game, Gym Leaders will appear at different spots in the overworld at certain times. After finding them, they will offer the player to have a rematch at the Vermillion City Arena.

Main Article: Gym Leader rematches

Elite 4 rematch[]

The Elite 4 will have increased levels after completing certain postgame events. There are 3 intensity levels to the Elite 4.

Requirement Levels range
Initial 60-70
After defeating Mt. Silver 70-80
After defeating all Gym Leader rematches 80-90



Name Fusion Item
Magong Magmortar/Dewgong NeverMeltIce
Mambro Mamoswine/Slowbro NeverMeltIce
Tentaster Tentacruel/Cloyster NeverMeltIce
Jynxgrowth Jynx/Tangrowth NeverMeltIce
Wearas Weavile/Lapras NeverMeltIce


Name Fusion Item
Mavire Machamp/Electivire Black Belt
Steechamp Steelix/Machamp Black Belt
Marochan Marowak/Hitmonchan Black Belt
Magnenix Magnezone/Onix Black Belt
Scicross Scizor/Heracross Black Belt


Name Fusion Item
Mismabat Mismagius/Crobat Spell Tag
Wobgar Wobbuffet/Gengar Spell Tag
Umbter Umbreon/Haunter Spell Tag
Snorgar Snorlax/Gengar Spell Tag
Gendoom Gengar/Houndoom Spell Tag


Name Fusion Item
Dragodos Dragonair/Gyarados Dragon Fang
Togenite Togekiss/Dragonite Dragon Fang
Tyrandactyl Tyranitar/Aerodactyl Dragon Fang
Porydra Porygon2/Kingdra Dragon Fang
Typhnair Typhlosion/Dragonair Dragon Fang


Name Fusion Item
Nidogeot Nidoking/Pidgeot Lax Incense
Rhypemortar Rhyperior/Magmortar Absorb Bulb
Taturor Tauros/Exeggutor King's Rock
Electidos Electrivire/Gyarados Damp Rock
Starkazam Starmie/Alakazam Wise Glasses
Name Fusion Item Starter
Blastizard Blastoise/Charizard Leftovers Bulbasaur
Venutoise Venusaur/Blastoise Leftovers Charmander
Venuizard Charizard/Venusaur Leftovers Squirtle
Typhligatr Feraligatr/Typhlosion Leftovers Chikorita
Feranium Meganium/Feraligatr Leftovers Cyndaquil
Typhnium Typhlosion/Meganium Leftovers Totodile
Swamiken Swampert/Blaziken Leftovers Treecko
Scepert Sceptile/Swampert Leftovers Torchic
Blaztile Blaziken/Sceptile Leftovers Mudkip
Emponape Empoleon/Infernape Leftovers Turtwig
Torleon Torterra/Empoleon Leftovers Chimchar
Inferterra Infernape/Torterra Leftovers Piplup

Legendary triple fusions[]

After defeating Mt. Silver, it is possible to obtain some Triple Fusions from specific legendary trios. These special fusions have unique typings and boosted stats.

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