Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki

The game includes several sidequests that gives the player rewards for completing them. Most of them can be found on the top floor of hotels.

List of quests[]

Location Title Description Reward Note
Pewter City Mushroom Gathering A lady in Pewter City wants you to bring her 3 TinyMushroom from Viridian Forest to make a stew. Balm Mushroom Mushrooms will respawn after a certain amount of time
Pewter City Lost Medicine A youngster in Pewter City needs your help to find a lost Revive. He lost it by sitting on a bench somewhere in Pewter City. TM Frustration Found in one of the benches in Pewter City; Its location is randomized
Pewter City Bug Evolution A Bug Catcher in Pewter City wants you to show him a fully-evolved Bug Pokémon. Pineco
Cerulean City Playing Cupid A boy in Cerulean City wants you bring a love letter to a Pokémon Breeder named Maude. She's probably somewhere in one of the routes near Cerulean City. Love Balls (x5) The Pkmn Breeder is the first trainer south of Cerulean City; Must be battled first before giving the letter
Cerulean City Fishing for Sole A fisherman wants you to fish up an old boot. Hook it up with the old rod in any body of water. Wooper Boots can be found in any body of water
Cerulean City Johto Pokémon A woman in Cerulean City wants you to show her a Pokémon native to the Johto region. Full Restore
Route 24 Field Research (Part 1) Professor Oak's aide wants you to catch an Abra. Pokéradar
Route 24 Field Research (Part 2) Professor Oak's aide wants you to encounter every Pokémon on Route 24.
Route 24 Field Research (Part 3) Professor Oak's aide wants you to catch a Buneary using the Pokéradar. Ultra Ball (x5)
Vermillion City Unusual Types 1 A woman at the hotel wants you to show her a Water/Fire-type Pokémon. Rare Candy
Vermillion City Seafood Cocktail Get some steamed Krabby legs from the S.S. Anne's kitchen and bring them back to the hotel before they get cold Move Tutor: Crabhammer Must be completed in a span of 30 seconds. Setting the game to default speed may make it easier.
Vermillion City Building Materials Get some wooden planks from Viridian City and some Bricks from Pewter City. Rocky Helmet Quest is located at the construction site.
Celadon City Sun or Moon Show the Pokémon that Eevee evolves when exposed to a Moon or Sun stone to help the scientist with her research. Super Splicers (x2) Umbreon or Espeon.
Celadon City For Whom the Bell Tolls Ring Lavender Town's bell when the time is right to reveal its secret. Hidden Tomb access and Reaper Cloth Don't need to go back to hotel to finish quest. "the right time" refers to when both hands on a clock would point to the right, which is 3:15 AM.
Celadon City Hardboiled A lady wants you to give her an egg to make an omelette. Move Tutor: Softboiled Any pokémon egg. Togepi and Exeggcute are also accepted.
Celadon City A stroll with Eevee! Walk Eevee around for a while until it gets tired. Eevee Quest can be found on top of large building closest to the Pokemon Center. You can also trade it to the man in the next house over for his Elekid, and Elekid will follow you instead (the questgiver will be upset with you, but the quest will count as complete).
Fuchsia City Cleaning up the Cycling Road Get rid of all the Pokémon dirtying up the Cycling Road. Revival Herb (x5)
Fuchsia City Lost Pokémon! Find the lost Chansey's trainer! Lucky Egg Building in Safari Zone (Area 5)
Fuchsia City Bicycle Race! Go meet the Cyclist at the bottom of Route 17 and beat her time up the Cycling Road! Trade in Bicycle for Racing Bicycle (Faster than regular bicycle)
Crimson City Shellfish Rescue Put all the stranded Shellders back in the water on the route to Crimson City. Move Tutor: Shell Smash
Crimson City Fourth Round Rumble Defeat Jeanette and her high-level Bellsprout in a Pokémon Battle Move Tutor: Synthesis This trainer is anime canon
Crimson City Unusual Types 2 A woman at the hotel wants you to show her a Normal/Ghost-type Pokémon. Rare candies (x3)
Saffron City Dancing Queen! Dance with the Copycat Girl! Smeargle The player must copy the move and try to have a similar timing.
To start the quest the player must enter the bar during the day and stay in the restroom until night; they will then be able to go downstairs to the nightclub and speak to the Copycat Girl. As of version 6.1.4, player must complete "A legendary band" quest as a prerequisite to this quest.
Saffron City Sinnoh Pokémon A woman wants you to show her a Pokémon native to the Sinnoh region. PP Max
Saffron City Lost Puppies Find all of the missing Growlithe in the routes around Saffron City. Destiny Knot Route 5 (2), Route 7 (2), Route 8 (2), Route 6 (2)
Saffron City Invisible Pokémon Find an invisible Pokémon in the eastern part of Saffron City. Kecleon In the East part of the city, close to the gate. It walks around, so where exactly it is, is slightly randomized.
Saffron City Bad to the Bone! Find a Rare Bone using Rock Smash. Diamond Only findable using Rock Smash in Rock Tunnel.
Cinnabar Island Powder metallurgy The scientist at the hotel wants you to find some Metal Powder. Metal Coat Low chance to be held by a Ditto in Pokémon Mansion.
Cinnabar Island Diamonds and Pearls Find a Diamond Necklace to save the man's marriage. $35,000

Helix fossil / Dome fossil

The fossil obtained as a reward is the one that was not picked in Mt. Moon.

Diamond necklace can be crafted from an NPC on Knot Island.

Goldenrod City Hoenn Pokémon A woman wants you to show her a Pokémon native to the Hoenn region. Sacred Ash
Goldenrod City Safari Souvenir! Bring back a souvenir from the Fuchsia City Safari Zone. Full Restore (x5)
Violet City Defuse the Pinecones! Get rid of all the Pineco on Route 31 and Route 30. Super Incubator
Violet City Find Slowpoke's Tail! Find a SlowpokeTail in some flowers, somewhere around Violet City! XXX Defend
Blackthorn City Dragon Evolution A Dragon Tamer in Blackthorn City wants you to show her a fully-evolved Dragon Pokémon. XXX Attack
Blackthorn City Sunken Treasure! Find an old memorabilia on a sunken ship near Cinnabar Island. Lucario The shipwreck is located underwater on Route 20.
Blackthorn City The Largest Carp A fisherman wants you to fish up a Magikarp that's exceptionally high-level at Dragon's Den. Comet Shard Must be at least level 65.
Ecruteak City Kalos Pokémon A woman wants you to show her a Pokémon native to the Kalos region. PP Max
Ecruteak City Ghost Evolution A girl in Ecruteak City wants you to show her a fully-evolved Ghost Pokémon. XXX Special
Kin Island Banana Slamma! Collect 30 bananas. Golden Banana
Kin Island Unova Pokémon A woman wants you to show her a Pokémon native to the Unova region. PP Max
Cinnabar Island Stolen artifact Recover a stolen vase from a burglar in the Pokémon Mansion. TM104 Recover
Kin Island Fallen Meteor Investigate a crater near Bond Bridge. Star Piece
Bond Bridge First Contact Find the missing pieces of a fallen alien spaceship. Unlocks First Contact Pt. 2 One the pieces is located on Route 32, in a crater near a ridge around the top half of the map.

The other piece is located in an underwater crater on Route 19. You need to Dive in Route 20 to access it.

Bond Bridge First Contact (Part 2) Ask the sailor at Cinnabar Island's harbour to take you to the uncharted island where the spaceship might be located. Deoxys For Deoxys to appear, you need to interact with the spaceship part in the middle of the island. It will start moving once you do. Interact with it 2 times more.
Kin Island The rarest fish A fisherman wants you to show him a Feebas. Apparently they can be fished around the Sevii Islands when it rains. Prism Scale
Mysterious prisms You found a pedestal with a mysterious prism on it. There seems to be room for more prisms.
The long night (Part 1) A mysterious darkness has shrouded some of the region. Meet Sabrina outside of Saffron City's western gate to investigate.
The long night (Part 2) The mysterious darkness has expended. Meet Sabrina on top of Celadon City's Dept. Store to figure out the source of the darkness.
The long night (Part 3) Fuchsia City appears to be unaffected by the darkness. Go investigate to see if you can find out more information.
The long night (Part 4) The mysterious darkness has expended yet again and strange plants have appeared. Follow the plants to see where they lead.
The long night (Part 5) You found a strange fruit that appears to be related to the mysterious darkness. Go see professor Oak to have it analyzed.
The long night (Part 6) The strange plant you found appears to glow in the mysterious darkness that now covers the entire region. Try to follow the glow to find out the source of the disturbance.
Pewter City Nectar garden An old man wants you to bring differently colored flowers for the city's garden. Oran Berry, Sitrus Berry, Lum Berry, Berry Juice, Oricorio
Goldenrod City The Cursed Forest A child wants you to find a floating tree stump in Ilex Forest. What could she be talking about? Luminous Moss (x5) Its Phantump that only spawn during dusk (night)
Fuchsia City Bitey Pokémon A fisherman wants to know what is the sharp-toothed Pokémon that bit him in the Safari Zone's lake. Protective Pads Carvanha
Saffron City A legendary band (Part 1) The singer of a band in Saffron City wants you to help them recruit a drummer. They think they've heard some drumming around Crimson City... MMMMemorabilia Enter the nightclub on a Saturday during the day to see the band playing, then return at night to start the quest.
Saffron City A legendary band (Part 2) The drummer from a legendary Pokéband wants you to find its former bandmates. The band manager talked about two former guitarists... One is in Goldenrod's underground tunnel on Fridays, and the other is at Oricorio Clearing on Wednesday evenings.
Saffron City A legendary band (Part 3) The drummer from a legendary Pokéband wants you to find its former bandmates. There are rumors about strange music that was heard around the region.
Saffron City A legendary band (Part 4) You assembled the full band! Come watch the show on Saturday night.
Lavender Town Mysterious Lunar feathers A mysterious entity asked you to collect Lunar Feather for them. It said that they will come at night to tell you where look. Whoever that may be...

Quest rewards[]

You also get additional rewards for completing x number of quests.

Num. of quests Reward
1 HM08 - Flash
5 Amulet Coin
10 Lantern
15 Linking Cord (x3)
20 Sleeping Bag
30 Mist Stone
40 GS Ball