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Submerged Temple
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"

Interior of Submerged Temple.
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Connecting locations
Submerged Temple
Water Labyrinth
Water Labyrinth Map
Location of Submerged Temple in Sevii Islands.

The Submerged Temple is a hidden underwater temple that can only be accessed from the Water Labyrinth. The main entrance to the temple is sealed so the temple can only be entered through a hole in the wall on the right side. The corridors of the temple are home to some Sharpedo which the player must avoid to reach the main area.

The main area has four braille tablets with lore of the Regis, and behind the tablet on the lower left is a small chamber where the Regi Tablet can be found, which will help in translating the braille. At the left, top and right of the main area are three doors that the player must place a Pokéball containing a Pokémon of the corresponding type which will unlock paths to some sealed chambers. The Pokémon placed in the left door must have Steel and Rock types, the middle door requires Rock and Ice types, and the right door requires Ice and Steel types. The order of the types (primary and secondary) does not matter.

In each of the three chambers is another puzzle which solving will open a path to a Regi fusion. After solving all three puzzles, a hole in the middle of the main area will open up leading to Regigigas. After fighting Regigigas, its chamber will be flooded.


Item Location
ItemIcon SHOALSHELL Shoal Shell
Upper right edge of the area.
ShoalShell SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon RELICCROWN Relic Crown
Hidden in a Regi statue in the bottom left.
RelicCrown SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon RELICCOPPER Relic Copper
To the left of the sealed entrance.
RelicCopper SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon RELICCOPPER Relic Copper
In the first hiding spot.
RelicCopper2 SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon RELICSILVER Relic Silver
In the second hiding spot.
RelicSilver SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon RARECANDY Rare Candy
At the top, following the path from the center.
RareCandy2 SecretForest
Main Area
ItemIcon REGITABLET Regi Tablet
In the small room behind the lower left tablet.
RegiTablet SubmergedTemple
ItemIcon LUMINOUSMOSS Luminous Moss
On the eastern side, upstairs.
LuminousMoss SubmergedTemple
PinkItemBall Magenta item balls respawn at midnight. See Time.
RedItemBallYellowItemBallGreenItemBallBlueItemBall For other item ball colors, see Item Balls.



Pokémon Type Level Catch Rate Encounter Rate
PokeIcon098 Krabby Water 33-36 225 15%
PokeIcon170 Chinchou Water Electric 35-41 190 25%
PokeIcon222 Corsola Water Rock 33-36 60 10%
PokeIcon226 Mantine Water Flying 50 25 5%
PokeIcon454 Mareanie Poison Water 35-46 190 40%
PokeIcon455 Toxapex Poison Water 50 75 5%
* Catch Rate influences how difficult a Pokémon is to catch. Higher numbers are easier.

Braille Translations[]

On the Sealed Entrance

The Titans rest here

Main Area Bottom Left

#a A thousand years ago
We had nowhere to live
We asked the great titan
It made islands for us

Main Area Bottom Right

#b Our population grew
Land became scarce
The exhausted great titan
Could create no more

Main Area Top Left

#c The great titan told us
Use what I gave you
Rock ice and metal fused
Three new titans were born

Main Area Top Left

#d With their powers united
Kanto rose from the sea
Their labor finished
The titans now rest here

Steel/Rock Puzzle

Most precious are the rarest
They must remain untarnished

Rock/Ice Puzzle

In line to the statue
All stones must queue

Ice/Steel Puzzle

From the top of the podium
Fall to rock bottom

Sealed Chamber Puzzle Solutions[]

After finishing each puzzle, interact with the Regis statue and it will fall into a hole allowing you to move past it.


Use Strength to push the boulders on top of the gold and bronze switches.


Use Strength to line up the boulders vertically down the middle.


Submerged Temple IceSteel Puzzle Solution

Puzzle Solution

Slide over the switches in order of stone, bronze, silver, gold.


SubmergedTemple Outside
SubmergedTemple Corridors
Dead Ends
SubmergedTemple DeadEnds
Main Area
SubmergedTemple MainArea
Regi Puzzles
SubmergedTemple RegiPuzzles
Regigigas Chamber Regigigas Chamber (Flooded)
SubmergedTemple RegigigasChamber SubmergedTemple RegigigasChamberFlooded


Prior to Version 6.0, this area was known as the Sealed Chamber. It was a small room that contained three bowls to place the corresponding-typed Pokémon into. Doing so would reveal another room containing Regigigas. The other Regis were not in the game.