Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki

Like most Pokémon games, Infinite Fusion has a day/night cycle. This affects wild encounters, as well as several in-game events. Unlike official games, the in-game clock is not based on the real-world time. Instead, the game uses its own time system, where 1 in-game minute takes 1 second in real life to pass. This means an in-game hour would take a minute, and an in-game day would take 24 minutes.

It is possible to advance time by 6, 12, or 24 hours by sleeping at a hotel for Pokémon_Dollar50. The moves Morning Sun and Moonlight can also be used in the field to make it day and night, respectively.

Time periods[]

The game has 5 distinct, but overlapping time periods. Several events happen based on the current time period. They are as follows:

  • Day (5AM to 8PM)
    • Morning (5AM to 10AM)
    • Afternoon (2PM to 5PM)
    • Evening (5PM to 8PM)
  • Night (8PM to 5AM)
Hourly Breakdown
time Period
12 AM Night
1 AM Night
2 AM Night
3 AM Night
4 AM Night
5 AM Day Morning
6 AM Day Morning
7 AM Day Morning
8 AM Day Morning
9 AM Day Morning
10 AM Day
11 AM Day
12 PM Day
1 PM Day
2 PM Day Afternoon
3 PM Day Afternoon
4 PM Day Afternoon
5 PM Day Evening
6 PM Day Evening
7 PM Day Evening
8 PM Night
9 PM Night
10 PM Night
11 PM Night

Events affected by time[]

Wild encounters[]

The wild Pokémon that are encountered on each route can be different depending on the time of day.

The only times used for encounters are Morning, Day and Night, with Afternoon and Evening using the same encounters as standard Day. This results in Morning (5 hours) being a much shorter time window than Day (10 hours) or Night (9 hours).

Encounter Times
time Period
5 AM - 10 AM Morning (dawn)
10 AM - 8 PM Day (noon)
8 PM - 5 AM Night (dusk)

Refer to Wild Encounters to see the encounter times for different Pokémon.

Repeatable events[]

Several in-game events respawn or can be repeated each in-game day.

Time-specific events[]

Some locations or events only happen at specific times of the day.

Stone maniacs[]

Stone maniacs in Lavender Town and Goldenrod City give the player a different stone depending on the time of the day.

Lavender Town stone maniac
Item Time
Sun Stone Day
Moon Stone Night

Goldenrod City stone maniac
Item Time
Sun Stone Day
Dawn Stone Morning
Dusk Stone Evening
Moon Stone Night
Shiny Stone After obtaining all other stones

Celadon City Black Market[]

A backdoor leading to a black market ran by Team Rocket opens up when you enter Celadon Café during the night. A Team Rocket member will sell you 3 different Pokémon each day. The selection of Pokémon is random and changes daily. The number of badges that the player has also affects the Pokémon that can be purchased.

Saffron City nightclub[]

A dance club opens up in the Saffron City bar during the night. There is a quest here to start a "legendary band" followed by a quest where the player has to copy dance moves from the Copycat girl. It is also the only place where the battle items Beer and Tequila can be purchased.

Creepy House[]

The basement to the Creepy House on Route 15 opens up if the player enters the house between midnight and 3AM. It is the only place where several Ghost-type Pokémon can be caught, including a static Mimikyu encounter.

Lavender Town Bell quest[]

A secret passage opens up if the player rings the Lavender Town bell when the hands on a clock point right.

Sunny Day[]

The move Sunny Day can be used in the field to make the weather sunny, but only during daytime.