Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki

This page lists a collection of tools made by the community to view fusions, calculate stats, and more!

For other resources created by the community, see Guides.
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Official Links

Infinite Fusion Website

There is no official website for infinite fusion. Be wary of any website that claims to be, or offers downloads.

The only official webpage for the project is the thread found on PokéCommunity.


Link: https://discord.gg/infinitefusion

Description: The main hub for the community, development, and feedback. It has over 470,000 users and is where you can find official announcements and submit sprites to be used in the game. Other activities include voting on contests, submitting feature requests, and talking to the developers of various tools found on this page, including the wiki as a whole.

The discord thread for this wiki can be found here. Discord bans can be appealed using this form.

Featured Projects

These projects are featured as they are popular in the community and have active developers.
All of them have active threads for help and providing feedback in the official Discord.


FusionDex Site Preview

Link: https://www.fusiondex.org/, formerly if.daena.me
Author: Daena (daena.me on Discord)
Thread: Discord thread

Description: FusionDex is a fantastic website for viewing sprites. It lets you see all fusions for a particular Pokémon in a large grid, and clicking on an artist shows other sprites they have made. You can click on any Pokémon or fusion to see alternate sprites, which can be used in-game through the Pokédex. The site displays a fusion's stats, abilities, and details such as the Pokédex description.

Infinite Dex

IFD home page at 12.59.21 PM

Link: https://infinitefusiondex.com/
Author: Jaitnium (jaitnium on Discord)
Thread: Discord thread

Description: Infinite Dex is a powerful tool for finding a fusion with the right type, moves, and abilities. You can select a list of Pokémon that can be fused to narrow down what you are looking for. Fusions can be sorted by stats, such as HP and attack, to find powerful combinations. The site shows stats, abilities, weaknesses, and full details on moves and where to obtain them.

Infinite Dummies

Infinite Dummies Site Preview

Link: https://www.infinitedummies.fr/
Author: Snrasha (snrasha on Discord)
Thread: Discord thread

Description: Infinite Dummies is a multilingual website with tutorials and FAQs in six different languages. The site also contains charts to help with sprite creation, and games such as a sprite guessing game and fusion bingo.

Fusion Showdown

A team preview on the new Showdown

Link: https://play.pokeathlon.com/
Author: yoshifanfic
Threads: Announcements, Discussion, Teambuilding, Support

Description: Pokémon Showdown is a battle simulator that allows you to challenge other players online in your browser. This is a custom version made to support fusions found in Pokémon Infinite Fusion, and is notably the only way to battle other players with the unique moves and abilities of fusions. More info can be found on the Showdown page.

Unofficial Projects

Projects the community has created but are unofficial and not spotlighted.

Fusion Finder

Fusion Finder Site Preview

Link: https://sneedseedfeed.github.io/FusionFinder/
Author: Sneed (sneedseednfeed on Discord)
Thread: Discord thread

Description: Fusion Finder is an open source web app with tools for filtering and sorting through fusions for a given Pokémon based on stat requirements. The viewing experience is a work-in-progress, and compared to other tools, does not show sprites. A new version of the project is currently in development.

Fusion Sprite Ranker

Sprite Ranker Site Preview

Link: https://justalternate.github.io/Pokemon_Infinite_Fusion_Sprite_Ranker/
Author: JustAlternate#8683

Description: A fusion-voting website. Shown a fusion sprite as well as the head and body, you can select whether you think the fusion is good (pokeball icon) or bad (cross); you can also pass. The website records all of the sprites you liked under "Your Favorites", as well as all those recently liked by all voters under "Community Leaderboard".

Infinite Fusion Calculator and Dex

Website Screen Shot for infinite fusion calculator

Link: https://infinite-fusion-calculator.com/
Author: Daiccccc#7370

Description: A tool website for Infinite Fusion. Fusion Calculator shows the stats, typings, abilities, weakness and moves. Shiny Calculator can preview the shiny fusion sprites differ from the body/head shiny. Pokédex shows information of base Pokémon, especially the encounter location and rate in different game mode.


Pokinder Home

Link: https://pokinder.com/
Author: Portuar

Description: Rank Pokémon Infinite Fusion sprites based on your preferences and explore the community's favorite sprites.

FuseEmAllBot for Twitch

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/fuseemallbot/about
Author: Anonymous (fuseemallbot@gmail.com)

Description: Allow members of your twitch chat to generate a fusion with a command, and have it appear on your stream! Requires zero installation and is configurable to require channel points.

Infinite Fusion Calculator

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

Link: https://infinitefusion.online/
Author: Vishal Chamar (w3codes on reddit)
Thread: Reddit thread

Description: The Infinite Fusion Calculator displays the latest custom and auto-generated sprites with all custom Pokémon variants, including the artists' names. It accurately displays stats, typings, abilities, and weaknesses. Additionally, it provides an open-source API to access sprite data.

Outdated Projects

These tools are not updated for the current version. However, they may still have interesting features to use.



Link: https://github.com/IlasDev/FusionsPreview
Author: Ilas (justilas on Discord)
Thread: Discord thread

Description: FusionsPreview is an open source Android app that allows you to filter and preview fusions with information on stats, weaknesses, and abilities. It can also display shiny fusions, and has a fusion guessing game built in.

Infinite Fusion Calculator

Link: https://aegide.gitlab.io/
Authors: Aegide, SDM0

Description: An open source infinite fusion calculator that has been a community staple for years. It shows stats, typings, and abilities. Due to recent issues, the site no longer displays fusion sprites. It is recommended to use one of the featured projects above for this feature.

Sprite Completion Chart

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lNhSiS6B4tUf37Rw4joid0vK1DVH-j7tVdAegxPX7aI/edit
Author: Kiwi

Description: Google sheet to track Pokemon fusions completed and the wild encounters fusions in the game.

Fusion Filter

Link: https://colab.research.google.com/github/EarthBet/Fusion-Filter/blob/main/Fusion%20Filter.ipynb
Author: EarthBet on GitHub / pixelgms on Discord / u/PixelGMS on Reddit

Description: An in development Jupyter Notebook program to view fusion stats. Currently requires either a download or a Google account. You can enter a list of Pokémon to use for both the head and body seperately. Compared to Fusion finder, it cannot filter custom sprites or Legendaries/Mythicals.

Fusion calculator

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10XGFUSyw07qz4gD6l10QTrwy-vFKBV7fRpcv1GgAZbA/edit#gid=1003637194
Author: Ruchunteur, Knuckles, Sir Vyvre the Lone

Description: Google sheet to calculate and compare fusions stats. Contains all Pokemon in the game as of version 4.8. Make a local copy to use it.

Preview tool v4.0

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LtFFN6G7r98UA7wribNE4sJArUhEobjlVi3oLImhtFM/edit#gid=685493629
Author: Sombrero, Ruchunteur

Description: Google sheet to preview fusions, including sprites, stats, movesets and types. Make a local copy to use it. Contains Pokemon up to version 4.0.

Showdown Fusion Calculator
Showdown Fusion Calculator Site Preview

Link: https://sdm0.github.io/showdown/
Author: Aegide, SDM0

Description: Fusion Calculator made specifically for the now defunct Infinite Fusion showdown server. It shows stats, typings, and abilities. Custom sprites are broken, it is recommended to use one of the featured projects above for this feature.

Unavailable Projects

These tools have been taken off the web or no longer work.

Shiny Preview
Shiny Preview Site Preview

Link: https://aegide.github.io/shiny (removed by Github)
Author: Jokaes

Description: Shows you the results of fusing shiny Pokémon. It has been removed from Github due to traffic, and cannot be rehosted due to the creators of the base fusion images, Japeal, not allowing the site to use their artwork.

Kaboom's Tool
Kabooms Tool Site Preview

Link: https://kaboom242.github.io/PokemonInfiniteFusionTool/ (currently not available)
Author: Kaboom242

Description: Shows every custom fusion sprite for a given Pokémon. While having less sprite info and sortability than FusionDex, it shows a fusion's stats when you mouse over it and lets you save a list of favorite sprites. It has been taken offline for unknown reasons.

Fusion Guessing Game
Guessing Game Site Preview

Link: https://tjonph.csb.app/
Author: hcp_archonn#7436

Description: A game that presents you with a random Pokemon fusion. You need to correctly guess both the head and body of the fusion. The developer is not a programmer, and the site was made with AI. The site has been broken with the fusions no longer displaying.

Honorable Mention

While this is not a site made for the game, it was an inspiration and the owner allowed Pokémon Infinite Fusion to use their sprites as the defaults in the game.

Pokemon Fusion Generator 2

Link: https://japeal.com/pkm/
Author: Japeal Fusion Generators

Description: Takes the original Pokémon sprites and auto-generates fusions by cropping the Pokémon together.